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The kingdom of Ord has a long shoreline and is home to the finest sailors and dock men in western Immoren. Ordic fishermen and sailors are proud of their seafaring traditions and exert a great deal of influence and control over seaborne trade routes allover coastal Meredius. True, some Ordic ports are pirate havens and thieves’ dens, but the goods that their merchantmen procure from all over the Iron Kingdoms often make such disreputable cities well worth the trip.

Ord itself is a melancholic land of haunting beauty renowned for its expansive coastland and lonely hillsides sprouting from misty moors and river flats. Aside from peat harvested from hundreds of bogs, Ord has little in the way of natural resources. The riverbanks near Merin have abundant coal deposits, but they are only sufficient to meet the needs of the capital. Inland residents tend toward farming, raising livestock, or trade in peat or wool. A number of farms and cattle ranches are owned by scores of influential castellans and moorgraves, but the bulk of Ord’s produce is used locally with only occasional surplus for exportation.

Like the craggy hills and boggy moors, the people of Ord are rugged, weathered, and difficult to tame. They are mostly a common people who enjoy a wide variety of sports and gambling diversions from their calloused everyday lives of dock work, shipbuilding, or tilling frugal fields. Many an Ordsman tries to make a few coins to stave off hunger for himself and his family by working everyday with nary a break. Those wealthy enough to get out of the peat and mire live in large estates and veritable mansions high above the filth of lowland Ord, while some who cannot endure a legal workaday livelihood often turn to less respectable professions. Despite the best efforts of Ord’s kings, bandits traditionally plague this nation’s highlands and lowlands in significant numbers.

Ord is at a slightly northern latitide of a temperate region, with mountains in the north, settled plains with intermittent hills and woodland in its central zone and marshland along the southern border with the Thornwood Forest. The climate is generally wet, and it is prone to rain and mists. It has a 400 mile coastline wth the Meredius ocean, with three major ports and is well populated along its northern and central regions. The majority of its land border is with Khador.

Ord has a population of nearly 4 million, largely human human but with sizeable proportions of all non-human races (except elves) across the kingdom. The human population is split between two distinct ethnicities, the larger of which are Todoran and the minority being Thurian. Todorans form the majority of the aristocratic class and are the dominant culture. Thurians have a reputation for being more magically gifted – or cursed – than any other human ethnicity.

Ord is renowned for its naval expertise, and is the preeminent seafaring nation. Although its army is considered brave but somewhat outdated it’s naval power is undisputed.

Ord is ruled by King Baird Cathor II, known affectionately as ‘The Baird’ by most of his subjects. At nearly sixty and with over three decades of rule, Baird is the oldest and longest serving of the rulers of human lands and is an accomplished if somewhat unorthodox elder statesman. Lively, boisterous, crafty and passionate, Baird is well liked by his people as a populist king who has kept Ord secure and increased taxation on the aristocratic elite decreasing the burden of the working classes. As a High Todoran noble he has also done much to remove social barriers for the Thurian minority. Another moniker attributed to Baird is ‘The Bandit King’ partly through his well known youthful associations with some of the more disreputable elements of Ordic society.

Ord is still largely feudal, with royal power disseminated through noble families who rule territorial lands. Todoran ruling families are called Castellans, and they form a Castallan Council which sits as a powerful second house within the government of the nation.

The capital city, Merin, sits in the central belt of the kingdom, and is the seat of power and inland trade, and is linked by the Kings Road to the coastal commercial city of Berek. The other main port is Carre Dova, which is a major shipbuilding centre and also headquarters of the Ordic navy. Armandor sits in the Eastern border with Cygnar and the Thornwood Forest. The cities of Corbhen and Midfast hold the northern border with Khador, a country which has a long history of expansionistic desires. Corbhen is an isolated highland settlement guarding a bleak marshy lake region, wheras Midfast is a militarised city high in the mountains nestled around an ancient stronghold of the same name.

At the southern end of the Ordic coastline lies the infamous Five Fingers, part free-port part city of smugglers and vice, Five Fingers is almost totally independent of the rest of the nation of Ord, however it is still considered part of Ordic territory. Similarly, in the heart of the great wildwood of Olgunholt amidst the ruins of an Orgoth city is the bandit city called The Warrens, a self-governing if violent micro-state ignored by local Ordic authorities where the dispossessed and outlawed make thier home.

Ord -players info

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