Shanna Rorrich

2nd level Female Thurian Sorcerer


2nd level Chaotic Nuetral Female Thurian Sorcerer

STR 12 DEX 17 CON 16 INT 16 WIS 7 CHA 17

HP 14 AC 14 Base Melee Attack Bonus +2 Base Ranged Attack Bonus +4 Initiative +3

Feats and Abilities: Air Elemental Bloodline, Elemental Ray (electricity) 3 times per day, Ambidexterity Feat, Two Weapon Fighting Feat, can cast six 0 level and five 1st level spells per day, knows five 0 level spells and two 1st level spells.

Skills: Alchemy +6, Bluff +4, Concentration +8, Craft +4, Decipher Script +5, Diplomacy +6, Hide +6, Knowledge Arcana +6, Scry +6, Spellcraft +6.
Items: Shortspear, Machete/Sickle, Light Crossbow, Greatcoat.

From The Warrens, independent outlaw settlement within the borders of Ord.


Shanna Rorrich

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