Halvarr Laxdale

2nd level Male Dwarven Cleric


2nd level Lawful Nuetral Male Dwarven Cleric of the Great Fathers

STR 12 DEX 11 CON 14 INT 10 WIS 16 CHA 14

HP 20 AC 16 Base Melee Attack 2 (3 with War Axe) Base Ranged Attack +1 Initiative +0

Feats and Abilities: 60 ft Darkvision, +4 dodge bonus versus large & huge trolls, +1 attack bonus versus goblinoids, +4 versus bullrush/trip, +2 on search in stone/earth environments, Warrior & Earth Domains specialist, Matrial Weapon Proficiency (Dwarven War Axe), Iron Will Feat, Weapon Focus (Dwarven Axe), Entangle (earth/stone environments) ability once a day. Four 0 level, three 1st level a day plus Divine Favour (1st level) and Magic Stone (1st level).

Skills: Appraise +2, Concentration +4, Craft (metalworking) +4, Heal +5, Knowledge (religion) + 3, Profession (mining/metalurgy) +5, Spellcraft +1.

Items: Dwarven War Axe, Light Crossbow, Chainmail, Small Steel Sheild.

From New Brunder, the Rhulish Dwarven suburb of Merin, the capital city of Ord.


Halvarr Laxdale

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